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"Design a poster does not changes the world and does not change it's reality"

We are wrong if we think that the simple visual design of a message redeems us as professionals or makes us better human beings. Not save anyone, the life of the person in question does not change and we are no better people than Gandhi or Mother Teresa.

I think it's very important that professional creators of spaces like this and participants of similar calls us mark a difference that is valuable for young people who are in training and who are easily influenced with the slogans accompanying contests. More and more competitions coming out with slogans of universality and appeal to the immediate denunciation, but few who manage processes seriously, results and committed to the goal.

The graphic designer is a social responsible of human behaviour in their environment. We are responsible and we must use this powerful instrument of visual communication to build real results that do not benefit our immediate ego and our portfolio, but, How? very simple: become aware of what you communicate and how we communicate. Design a poster on hunger in the world and then to campaign for a transnational which monopolizes the world's seeds like Monsanto, or using the figure of an anorexic woman for the campaign of the new vodka or print a new design book of you without take care about the amount of the toxic printing inks is using on it, makes us hypocrites.

Let's change ourselves gradually, changing ourselves. Let us identify the spaces like this, that has managed to grow honestly and prevailing the main subject and not the person behind the project. The ego is one of the biggest contradictions of poster designers, and it is time to know recognize them.




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